Monday / March 18 / 2019

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Message from the Head of Primary School


It is an honour to address you as the Head of Primary for Raffles International School, which has been providing a quality education to children from around the world for ten years.

I am delighted to work closely with the Principal and Head of Secondary in leading Raffles International School on its ever-evolving journey to excellence. Our School’s motto – “Towards excellence” – is a carefully chosen encapsulation of our beliefs. In an ever-changing world, our pursuit of excellence is ongoing. The best schools self-evaluate and develop continually so as to provide the most relevant programmes of study, and Raffles International School continuously strives to be among the best.

We believe that an effective school should both reflect and work with its wider community. To this end RIS Primary School is not a standalone institution. We are an all-through school with a keen awareness that progress occurs when we build upon prior learning. Our children are encouraged to look outwards at their world as well as inwards at themselves in order to grow and develop as community-minded individuals.

As the Head of the Primary School, one of my main aims is to ensure that ALL of our children learn from and love the present. As a father of two young children myself, I am acutely aware of the fleeting innocence and beauty of childhood, and believe passionately that we should celebrate and nurture this crucial developmental stage, as well as prepare our young ones for the future.

Our school seeks to learn from the world around us. At the same time, we encourage innovation in our children so that one day they might teach us all a thing or two!

I hope that you will find our website both fun and informative, and that you will have the opportunity to visit us in person. At Raffles we seek to ensure that every stakeholder has a voice, and we also welcome feedback from first-time visitors to our School.

Kind regards,

Mr. Edward Cooper