Monday / March 18 / 2019

Primary School Sports Day


Art Workshop


EID Assembly


Message from the Head of Secondary School


It is a great privilege to welcome you to Raffles Secondary School. We are growing rapidly and our first cohort of students have just successfully completed their IGCSEs and are now commencing A levels. It is an exciting time in the school’s journey as we see the growth of the secondary school and its community.

I look forward to helping to guide the school and its students to reach their potential, to go out into the world ready to accept all its challenges and lead the world of the future.

I have taught in four different continents, the majority of my time in New Zealand and the United Kingdom but I have just come from an International school in the Seychelles. From this experience I would say that children across the world are the same. They thrive in an environment of challenge with support, they can develop a love of lifelong learning and every student can excel in some area of the school if the opportunities are given to them.

Here at RIS we have outstanding facilities, a dedicated team of professional teachers, and wonderful students. The school has a strong family and community ethos and each student and their development is important.

I look forward to working with parents to ensure that every student has opportunities to grow and develop together. 

Kind regards,

Mr. Peter Rowlands