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Primary School Sports Day


Martyr's Day Assembly


Family Fun Day


Parents Association of RIS - PARIS

Welcome tthe Parent Association Raffles International School anthank you for your interest in making Raffles International School(RIS)a greaplace for ouchildreto learn,play and grow.  As a PARIS member, your responsibilities includpromotincommunity spirit between thparents,the studentanthteachers at RIS,awell adevelopinand strengthenincommunity links in linwith schoopolicy and KHDA recommendations. 

The  main  objective  is  to  promote  community  spirit,  community  service  and  parent  engagement throughouthe school

Responsibilities of a core group member:

·  Communicate  between  the  various  groups  within  RIS  (class  parents,  year representatives, teachers , RIS  management etc.)

·  Issue a monthly PARIS newsletter, take meeting minutes,manage accounting

·  Organize,initiate and manage events and activities

·  Assist in recruiting Class Parents,Year Reps and communicate and assist if needed

·  Attend weekly meetings on agreed days.

Responsibilities of a Year Representative: 

·  The main aim is to be the communicator between the PARIS and the class parents, by exchanging information and providing suggestions.    

·  The Year Representative  liaises  with the Year TeacheCoordinator in order tensure a similar level ocommunity eventancommunicatthat similar level tthe Class Parentin your year

·  Ensure school has approved the event and its format.

·  Help Core Group to recruit Class Parents, if needed.

·  Attend  general  meetings  between  the  PARIS  Core  Group  (everterm or more often if necessary). General meetings aropen to all parents.

We hope you enjoy being a member othe PARIS,and helpinto create a school communitthat is friendlyfun and meaningfuto youfamily.

Responsibilities of a Class Parent:

·  Organize a class list with names and contact numbers,emails, birthday dates.

·  Keep class teachers and assistant(s) updated on all relevant information concerning the PARIS and class parent activities.

·  Liaise between teacher and parents,e.g. finding volunteers from the class for specific events, like field trips, swimming helpers for PE or reading groups,etc.

·  Facilitate  communication  between  the  PARIS  and  parents;  attend  class  parent  meetings organized by the Core Group and attend Year Representative Meetings organized by the Year Representative.

·  Organize coffee mornings to welcome new parents and/or to build the community within the class(at least one a term).

Together we aim to ensure there are highly productive links with all parents which help improve their children’s learning and raise standards. We also recognise that through collaboration,both school and community benefit from strong and extensive partnerships, including those with other schools that effectively support student’s development. We hope you enjoy being a member of the PARIS, and helping to create a school community that is friendly,fun and meaningful to your family. In collaboration, we strive ‘Towards Excellence’.


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