Sunday / January 20 / 2019

Art Workshop


Senior Leadership


Staff @RIS


Senior Management

Poonam Bhojani - CEO, Innoventures Education

Michael Stephen -  Director Finance and Administration,  Innoventures Education

Tim Richardson - Principal, Raffles International School

Secondary School

Peter Rowlands - Head of Secondary School

Bryony Lynch - Deputy Head, Secondary School

Primary School

Edward Mathew Cooper  - Head of Primary School

Gary Williams - Deputy Head, Primary School - Pastoral

Jasmit Kang - Deputy Head, Primary School  (Years 4-6)

Emma Commons - Deputy Head, Primary School (Year 2-3)

Ralf Furse - Deputy Head, Primary School ( FS2 – Year 1)

Garima Sachdev Kapoor - Assistant Head, Nursery (Early Years)