Monday / March 18 / 2019

Art Workshop


EID Assembly


Family Fun Day


At RIS, Foundation we continue with the frame work from our nurseries. Offering the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum, guiding the children through the seven areas of the framework with the Montessori methodology. We have adapted the Early Years curriculum to ensure a tangible, integrated and enriched learning experience for our children.Classrooms are fully prepared with the appropriate Montessori material, which provides the children with the opportunity to explore and learn. The method of the Montessori is to develop the whole child, not only academically, but prepare them for the real world.

Our teaching is creative and forward-thinking; we are always seeking innovative ways to inspire our children with a lifelong love of learning. We believe that the way children are taught is as important as what they learn. Our approach is holistic, incorporating academic excellence and the attainment of skills as well as knowledge. We ensure a supportive environment focused on student happiness, health and well-being. We encourage our children to be active learners in every aspect of school life, inspiring independent, self-motivated and confident children. The results speak for themselves with students achieving outstanding progress and attainment in many areas of the curriculum.

The environment well suited for outdoor leaning through play with four play areas, a cycle track and a garden for those who love to explore nature. The children also spend time in the Early Years Centre where they develop skills such as sharing, team building, communicating and problem solving. 

In the early years, we believe it is important to involve the parents in the learning of their child. We encourage regular contact between parent and teacher. It is important to provide as much information to the parents about their child’s areas of development. To support this we offer two Parent/Teacher conferences per year and four reports. For a more personal approach, we also offer a Drop – In Day once a week. This provides a ‘support base’ for their child’s developments. We also have a dedicated and fully qualified Learning Support department that provided tailored guidance and support where needed.