Monday / March 18 / 2019

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English as an Additional Language

RIS welcomes English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, including those with little or no English to our school. Fluency in English is not a requirement for entry and we will support learners as they develop their language skills after they join the school.

To most effectively assist EAL students, they are assessed upon entry by admission staff and, if necessary, by a specialist EAL teacher. This assessment information determines the type and level of language support that will be provided.

EAL teacher(s) will work with the student, parents, teachers and Heads of Department to determine an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for the student covering listening, speaking, writing, reading and social awareness.

Teaching and learning is based upon each EAL student’s individual needs, and offered either in-class or pull-out individual or small group support. Each student's progress is regularly reported home through correspondence, student-led conferences, parent-teacher conferences and regular report cards.

Teaching and Learning for EAL Students

In addition to the provision provided by the EAL department the school we also follow an inclusive ethos to promote English within all areas of the school.