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Languages at RIS



Arabic is compulsory for all students in Year 1 to Year 9 inclusive in accordance with KHDA (Dubai’s governing education authority) requirements. Arabic is sub-divided into the following two levels:

Arabic A

Native Arabic speakers

Students holding passports from Arabic speaking countries

Arabic B

Non Arabic speakers

Students from non-Arabic speaking countries.

NB: Arabic speaking students who hold a passport from a non-Arabic speaking country may choose Arabic A or B in accordance to the expected skill and ability levels.

French or Mandarin

All students from Year 3 onwards have the option of French or Mandarin language lessons as part of our Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) programme. Year 3 have 60 minutes and Year 4 onwards have 120 minutes of MFL instruction is provided per week. Wherever possible, MFL lesson content is linked with Homeroom content or has a cross-curricular link. Frequent links are also made to using languages in real-life contexts.