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SEN Support at Raffles International School

At Raffles International School the Learning Support department provides various forms of support for children who face barriers to their learning. The support is given to students who are not able to make progress in spite of in class interventions and differentiated teaching.

The type of support offered, throughout the school, is either push-in or pull-out. During push-in support the Learning Support specialist works with the SEN student in a small group to help the student take part in class activities. This is done by giving them extra academic support and encouragement in their learning in small group activities. During pull-out support, the Learning support specialist will work with the SEN student individually with a specific learning needs that cannot be supported in class.

Students may need support if they have:


All SEN students have a special educational plan (IEP) with recommended accommodations and modifications as detailed in diagnostic reports from qualified specialists such as paediatricians, educational psychologists and diagnostic centres.

Learning Support at Raffles International School

These are students who do not have a diagnostic report from a specialist, but who have been identified and referred to the Learning Support department by their teachers. These students have not made progress in spite of in class interventions and differentiated teaching. These students will be screened by the Learning Support Department and either supported with push-in/pull-out lessons or strategies and resources will be given to teachers to help support this student in class.


The primary purpose of the Learning- Support Policy is to provide guidance to teachers, parents and the whole school on the provision of effective learning support to pupils with learning barriers.


Principles of Learning Support at Raffles International School:

Effective learning-support programs are based on the following principles:


Aims of the learning support team at Raffles International School:

The principal aim of learning support is to optimize the teaching and learning process in order to enable pupils with learning barriers to achieve expected levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy

Promote a whole-school approach to: