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RISE (Raffles International School Extends)

Raffles International School recognizes that students will come with a variety of learning styles and aptitudes. Diversity is celebrated and acknowledged in its many forms. Some students will require curriculum adaptation and some a more personalized approach. RISE (Raffles International School Extends) recognizes that this includes students who are gifted and talented, have English as an additional language as well as those for whom learning can present challenges. The RISE team works with all stakeholders; students, parents, teaching staff and where applicable outside agencies to ensure that all students reach their true potential.

Raffles International School welcomes students of determination and ensures that students are not refused admission based only on their experience of SEND. Our inclusion team ensures each child fulfills their true potential.

The KHDA guidelines on inclusion are set out in the Dubai Inclusive Education Framework 2017



Additional learning needs may have been recognized at the point of entry through assessment undertaken at RIS or, in some cases, prior to entry by an external specialist report. Internal and external assessments assist the school in understanding a student’s strengths and potential barriers to learning; consequently enabling staff to reflect on curriculum adaptations or targeted interventions. All staff are committed to early identification to meet a student’s needs. This will ensure that a student can be supported and challenged to enable progress in their learning.


RISE designs a student’s pathway through the curriculum to promote confident, independent learners who have a clear understanding of their learner profile and are able to develop the skills necessary to achieve their true potential. To support learners within the schools framework of study, The RISE team offer in class support, focus groups, small group interventions and advice to all stakeholders on possible strategies and activities to use with students who require additional support. Provision follows the graduated approach method and may also include support from external agencies.


Effective communication and teamwork are necessary to support students identified with additional learning needs. Strong partnerships are essential to foster high levels of progress, engagement and trust. Positive relationships with students, parents and staff will allow relevant, and current information to be held sensitively within the school and shared with the relevant stakeholders, including outside agencies.


Below is link to Inclusion Policy. 

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