Monday / March 18 / 2019

Art Workshop


Martyr's Day Assembly


Primary School 

As they progress through primary school students are given increasing responsibility and independence. While academic achievement is important, each students contribution towards their school, community and place in the wider world is also an area of focus. Learning in the primary school is a explicitly connected with experiences outside the school and students are encouraged to apply their learning for the good of the community.

By focusing student life on the RIS core values of Respect, Achievement, Collaboration, Responsibility, Innovation and Integrity, the school has build a community of learners from over a 100  different countries world wide and developed a culture of international understanding and friendship lasting well beyond school years. 

Primary school students are confident thinkers enquirers collaborators and decision makers. Relationships between students and staff are nurturing, supportive and understanding. Primary school students have a voice within the school through the primary student council and class representatives.

Co-Curricular activities at breadth and depth to the academic programme and primary students have the opportunity to represent the school in sports,  competitions and outside events.