Sunday / September 23 / 2018

RIS Choir


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We are extremely proud of the RIS School Choir. As with any Orchestra or any group musical enterprise, singing teaches profound listening and precise audio skills. It promotes memory and a consciousness of language. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, singing decreases stress levels and increases the functionality of our immune system as well as our ‘hearts’.  Singing as a part of a choir is scientifically proven to have the same positive effects on your wellbeing as yoga.

For the most part, we all know that music is therapeutic and helps us cope with the stress of school life, but singing in a choir is even more beneficial to our stress levels and our health than we might realize. Did you know that choir members’ heart beats actually sync up when singing in a group? I bet you also didn’t know that singing in a choir is beneficial to you heart as well as your overall health.

Besides the fact that music is highly effective at increasing our health and decreasing our stress levels, developing your musical skills is a great way to get yourself in the studying mindset. Singing centres your mind and body all at once. There’s nothing that brings your mind and body into complete focus and control than singing.

We have worked work very hard to get young people excited about joining the school choir. By joining the school choir it has encouraged the children to develop and grow into responsible students, working as a team. There is an advantage of being a great team player in a choir as this adds an extra dimension to one’s whole education. The choir is a great way to get involved with a diverse group of children. By joining the choir you have the opportunity to meet other students from a wide variety of other cultures who simply love music. Building on the common ground of a love for music, you can form friendships with people from all different academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

The benefits of singing in a choir go beyond just hitting the ‘right note’ for children. Singing, is a ‘national heritage’, as it is an art form of undefinable benefit, good for respiration and both physical and mental alertness and a gradual builder of self -assurance.

We are very excited to announce the ‘Voices around the World’ project which we are currently involved with as a school. 8000 children from over 48 countries will unite to showcase their singing talents. Each year this project celebrates the musical talents of young people globally including involving them in worthwhile fund-raising events. In July this project will release a worldwide video/song to synchronize with the opening of the Olympics and the Olympic Torch “Lighting up the Flame” ceremony.