Welcome to Raffles International School. The students here are from diverse backgrounds. Some have been here since the school first opened in 2010, others for a few years and some are new this term. We welcome all of them. The students are happy, conscientious and caring and they welcome the opportunities that going to an international school offers.

We follow the National Curriculum for England leading to iGCSE and A levels. We are very proud of the achievements of our students, 100% of our students in year 13 have been accepted into universities across the world. Last summer students went to some of the most prestigious universities in the world on the back of outstanding results. 48% of all grades at A level were at grade A and 44% at igcse. 20% of our year 13 students achieved straight As in all their subjects at Advanced level.

We develop well rounded students. Strong academically, involved in sports and co-curricular activities, and able to make decisions and help lead the school. There are a vast number of clubs and societies for students to join and the student council and student leadership team drive forward our developments.

Each student is important to us. We monitor progress regularly and formally report to parents every ½ term. We set individual targets for each student, and then mentor, challenge and support students to reach them. We have individual programmes of study for students to meet their needs or their particular career paths. The students choose their options for iGCSE in Year 9 and for A level in Year 11 following individual discussions between students, parents and school senior leaders. These are closely considered, and senior staff work with parents and students to ensure the choices are correct for each individual.

I hope that the following pages provide a useful introduction to our school. Nothing captures the feel of a school better than a visit in person and an opportunity to talk with school senior leaders, students and staff and so I would encourage you to come and visit us when you can.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Peter Rowlands - Head of Secondary