Payments can be made using any of the following methods:-

1. Online: Please go to to go to the                        payment portal. To login, use your child’s student ID and date of birth detail.

2.  Bank Transfer-details are as follows:                                                           


Account NameRaffles International School LLC
Account No.  1001411725
IBAN No. AE850230000001001411725
Swift Code  CBDUAEAD
Bank Commercial Bank of Dubai
Branch Umm Suqeim, Dubai, UAE

3.  By Cheque: Cheques to be made payable to Raffles International School LLC

     (Please mention your Child’s ID #, Name and Grade on the back of the cheque)

      Cheques can be handed in person at the Accounts Office in RIS or dropped into the Cheque                               Drop Boxes  located at reception.

      Please note that we will also accept post-dated cheques for Term 2 & Term 3 fee Payments. 

4.   By credit card at Raffles International School premises.

5.   Online payment – link for online payments will be emailed to you shortly.

6.    In cash (please remember to collect duly signed and stamped receipt for your payment)

Very Important: In case of Bank Transfer, please mention Child’s ID, Name, School Name in the bank transfer and send us a copy of remittance/transfer advise/swift message to [email protected] to enable us to timely update our records.

Fees 2021-2022

SCHEDULE A – Fee schedule for academic year 2021-2022 for Existing Students

Amounts in AED
Year GroupAge Group (Years)KHDA approved Annual Tuition FeeApplicable Annual Tuition FeeRe-registration Fee Balance Term 1 Fee (after adjusting Re-registration fee)Term 2 FeeTerm 3 Fee
 As of 31 Aug 2021  Payable by 11 Apr 2021Payable 01 Sep 2021Payable 01 Jan 2022Payable 01 Apr 2022
FS 1331,48531,485 -   12,595
FS 24-531,48531,4851,57511,0209,4459,445
Year 15-638,91737,7821,89013,22211,33511,335
Year 26-749,99948,8642,44517,10014,66014,659
Year 37-849,99948,8642,44517,10014,66014,659
Year 48-950,37648,8642,44517,10014,66014,659
Year 59-1060,45056,8782,84519,90517,06417,064
Year 610-1160,45056,8782,84519,90517,06417,064
Year 711-1260,82758,0552,90020,32017,41817,417
Year 812-1368,38564,1713,21022,46019,25119,250
Year 913-1468,38564,1713,21022,46019,25119,250
Year 1014-1568,38564,1713,21022,46019,25119,250
Year 1115-1672,54068,1813,41023,86320,45420,454
Year 1216-1783,42078,4083,92027,44423,52223,522
Year 1317-1883,42078,4083,92027,44423,52223,522


SCHEDULE B – Fee schedule for academic year 2021-2022 for New Students #

Amounts in AED
Year GroupAge Group (Years)KHDA approved Annual Tuition FeeApplicable Annual Tuition feeRegistration FeeBalance Term 1 Fee (after adjusting Registration fee)Term 2 Fee Term 3 Fee 
 As of 31 Aug 2021   Payable 01 Sep 2021Payable 01 Jan 2022Payable 01 Apr 2022
FS 1331,48531,4853,1509,4459,4459,445
FS 24-531,48531,4853,1509,4459,4459,445
Year 15-638,91737,7823,78011,3321133511,335
Year 26-749,99948,8644,89014,6551466014,659
Year 37-849,99948,8644,89014,6551466014,659
Year 48-950,37648,8644,89014,6551466014,659
Year 59-1060,45056,8785,69017,06017,06417,064
Year 610-1160,45056,8785,69017,06017,06417,064
Year 711-1260,82758,0555,80017,42017,41817,417
Year 812-1368,38564,1716,42019,25019,25119,250
Year 913-1468,38564,1716,42019,25019,25119,250
Year 1014-1568,38564,1716,42019,25019,25119,250
Year 1115-1672,54068,1816,82020,45320,45420,454
Year 1216-1783,42078,4087,84023,52423,52223,522
Year 1317-1883,42078,4087,84023,52423,52223,522

# new students joining in 2021-2022

Note for returning students:

Re-registration Fee: 5% of Annual fees (non-refundable but adjustable against Term 1 fee)

Sibling discount of 5% is applicable for the second & third child ; 10% for the fourth child , 15% for the fifth child & 20% for sixth child onwards                                                                                        

Note for new students:

Assessment Test Fee AED 500 (non-refundable)                                                                                

Registration Fee:  10% of Annual fees  (non-refundable but adjustable against Term 1 fee if admission is confirmed)                                                                                               

Sibling discount of 5% is applicable for the second & third child ; 10% for the fourth child , 15% for the fifth child & 20% for sixth child onwards                                                                                        

SCHEDULE C – Additional Costs                                                                                


Educational and field trips that may be organised from time to time may incur additional costs which will be intimated on a case by case basis. Fees payable for such trips will be payable separately to all other fees                                                                                    

Voluntary excursions or sports tournaments in which costs are incurred                                                

School uniforms; Team kits and other necessary sporting attire or auxiliary items                              

External Examination Fee                                                                                            



Other activities for which costs accrue to the school                                                                              

Insurance: It is suggested that parents maintain health, accident and liability insurance for their children                                                                                

Replacement Student ID Cards                                                                                  

Some of the above items are available from independent suppliers and are subject to their respective terms and conditions for refund.

All textbooks required by secondary school students can be purchased from RIS at cost price. Parents could buy all books from the school but also have the option of buying them independently. It is however, mandatory for all the students to own all books specified for the school curriculum for 2021-2022

Payment Terms and Conditions

KHDA School Fee Framework